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News affecting communities west of downtown Orlando to Pine Hills

Killed by a cop

Super Bowl star Anquan Boldin tells what it was like when a cop needlessly killed a relative. He spoke during a police-community town hall in Orlando.

Activists call out local lawmaker


Activists call out Sen. Randolph Bracy for caving in to lobbyists on legislation proposed to prevent environmental racism in Orlando’s Mercy Drive area.

How former felons got cheated by lawmakers


During a July Pine Hills meeting Florida State Sen. Randolph Bracy told residents the behind-the-scenes story of how his colleagues defied the will of the people to prevent former felons from regaining their right to vote.

Millions are being spent on Parramore's dangerous toxic site

As gentrification devours Parramore, one of the area's most dangerous toxic waste dumps is finally getting cleaned.

How gentrification destroys

How gentrification destroyed Winter Park's historic black Hannibal Square community

Washington Shores better watch out

Washington Shores neighbors better watch out because gentrification is headed there way. Take note of how gentrification ravaged Parramore.

Orlando development is hurting the environment

Development of Orlando's Packing District is hurting West Orlando and the Wekiva River

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