PO PO DisHonor Roll


Orlando police

  • Officer Gabriel Pagan - Smashed the windshield of a car occupied by 2 gay black men. Pagan was suspended and charged with aggravated battery.
  • Officer Jonathan Mills -- History of excessive force lawsuits and using racist, threatening language during a car stop in Parramore.
  • Officer Peter Meier -- Disciplined for tasering a teenager for popping a wheelie on his bicycle.
  • Officer Dennis Turner -- He arrested and handcuffed a crying 6-year-old girl and took her to the juvenile assessment center because she had a tantrum in school. That same day he arrested another 6 year old at the same school. Both children are black, as is Turner. Turner was later fired, but he should be prosecuted for child abuse.

Orange County Sheriff's Office

  • Former Deputy Harry Reid was captured on video grabbing a black girl by the hair and throwing her into a police car. The viral video went worldwide and the deputy was fired by the sheriff. The girl had been upset earlier that day in school and another deputy was calming the girl when Reid interrupted and rough housed the girl. Reid is now facing battery charges.

Winter Park Police Department

  • The entire department deserves a black eye for their decision to roll out their armored car to a commemoration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. Department officials either did not know, or did not care that Bull Connor brought out his own armored car to threaten Dr. King and protesting children during the Birmingham Civil Rights marches in 1963.